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The Antigua & Barbuda showcase began in 2017  to create an international
cross cultural space that brings together the Antiguan & Barbuda Diaspora to exhibit their global experiences through media arts. 

Antigua 3.30pm showcase is a program of short  indie films written and directed by emerging  filmmakers.

Director  Lawson Lewis Redonda the Road To Recovery 29m

In 2017 The Environmental Awareness Group a local non-governmental organization led the ecological restoration of Redonda, sister island to Antigua and Barbuda, and one of the largest unpeopled islands in the Eastern Caribbean. A home to wildlife and critically endangered species that can be found nowhere else in the world, Redonda’s conservation story embodies the true essence of biodiversity resilience and speaks to the power of locally-led conservation through collaborative action.

Christal Clashing O'Reilly   'Yemoja's Anansi,' 13m
A filmed dance interpretation short story about an Afro-Caribbean water goddess with elements of 3D motion capture effects.

Christal Clashing is part of the Team Antigua, becoming the first All-Black Women’s Rowing Team to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Christal will be at the event taking Q&A on her film


Bridget Hanniford – Joseph “Trust” 21m   A short drama about Firendship Love and betrayal.

 Book Launch of Love Freindship and Betrayal


In the year 2020, a group of six remarkable Antiguan born teenagers - Delicia Howell, Noah Yeboah, Joel Lewis, Sheneilla Sommerset, Destiny Simon, and Shenika Bentick - embarked on a literary journey, capturing the essence of their adolescent lives. Through the poignant narratives presented by these gifted authors, their shared experiences revolve around the intricate tapestry of Love, Friendship, and the deeply resonating facets of Betrayal, which often leave an indelible mark on the lives of young individuals.

The anthology they crafted comprises a compilation of tales that delve into the authentic trials and tribulations encountered by contemporary teenagers. With uncanny insight, these authors eloquently encapsulate the challenges and joys that form the crux of teenage existence. Rooted in relatability, each story mirrors the universal struggles that define adolescence in the modern era.

In a remarkable progression, the year 2022 witnessed the unfolding of their collective endeavor as they embarked on a transformative journey. The six authors embarked on an ambitious book tour across Canada, an expedition not merely focused on literary exploration but also an initiative to extend the horizon of their stories to the global stage. Through engaging interactions, they shared their narratives, fostering empathy and understanding among diverse audiences.

“Love, Friendship & Betrayal" stands as a testament to the power of youthful voices, as it offers an insightful exploration of the human experience during the formative years. With their evocative storytelling and unwavering dedication, Delicia Howell, Noah Yeboah, Joel Lewis, Sheneilla Sommerset, Destiny Simon, and Shenika Bentick have created an opus that resonates with both the young and the young-at-heart, leaving an enduring impact on literature and the hearts of readers worldwide.

Tickets $20.00

The Showcase continues with  Canadian premiere "Deep Blue" 7.30pm  tickets