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SOUKUSTEK was born under the gaze of the Caribbean Sea surrounding the  Coastal city of Cartagena de India's in Colombia.  "It is a combination of life experiences, dreams and joys that have fed off of our direct connection to Africa."

SOUKUSTEK combines  the rhythms and the sounds of guitars that arrived from Africa in the Seventies  and seamlessly blends them with the flavour of the Colombian Caribbean. SOUKUSTEK is dance, joy, and history :  it is  Africa in Colombia, it is the music of the "pico" culture, "live" on stage.







2003/2005 JUNO Award winning artist, Sonia Collymore has developed a unique sound supported by a bold stage presence. 

Sonia's niche is Reggae, but over the years she has developed a strong jazz, soul and R&B vocal style.  Her music is soulful with a Caribbean twist.  Sonia has the unique ability to draw her audience in.  She often sings songs on the spot based on audience requests.  Sonia sings in English, Spanish and some Italian.








With the release of The Bentley Collective solo album, Songs, Brooke has been performing Acoustic Soul as a Solo Act and also as a band.

Brooke incorporates Blues, Jazz and Soul vibes to present a  evening of original music. 
Brooke, the primary composer Vocalist & Guitar player was nominated locally for Male Vocalist of the year and Guitar Player of the year in 2023.














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