The Women In The Sand / Turning point

celeste Fri, 08/18/2017 - 20:11

The Women In The Sand (1:25:00 mins) USA Director: Steve Jarvis    11.30am Lucie Thornton 80 cooperage st

Two feisty elders of the Timbisha Tribe struggle with the US Government and their own tribal council to overcome injustice to save their ancient tribal culture in Death Valley, CA. Through legends and stories, Pauline and Maddy Esteves reveal the rich history of their people. They travel to sacred sites, harvest pine nuts and search for early Timbisha basketry. Historians and supporters tell more of Pauline and Maddy’s fight to save their ancient language and basket making art. They confront their enemy, Chairman of the Tribal Council and debate him on their grievances. He is unmoved. Undaunted, they continue to follow their ancestor’s wishes to save their culture before it’s too late.

screens with The Turning point