Wash, Jesus, Govan Young

Wash, Jesus, Govan Young

Wash (15 mins) USA Director: Zhichun Huang  OCt 13th 9.30am Lucie Thornton Bldg 80 Cooperage st

Newly immigrated mother and daughter from China who are living under the condition of water shortage in a shabby household in Los Angeles, are going through the threshold of cultural assimilation and racial displacement.

screens with Jesus  and Govan

Jesus (13 mins) USA

Director: Brian Patterson

On an ordinary summer day, on an ordinary trip to the park, Jesús, who uses a wheelchair to get around, begins to realize that his life is going to be different from the other kids'.

Govan Young (30 mins) United Kingdom

Director: Sanne Jehoul

Govan Young follows a group of schoolchildren as they learn the rarely-told story of the Viking invasion of Central Scotland and the subsequent establishment of the medieval kingdom of Strathclyde, which had its spiritual centre in Govan. How will the children react when they discover that Vikings and kings walked on the ground below their feet?