Masquerading: To Hell And Back

Masquerading: To Hell And Back

Masquerading: To Hell And Back (14 mins) South Africa Oct 14th 6.30pm Lucie Thornton 80 cooperage st

Director: Sofia DE Fay

What was it like to be a drag queen during the discriminatory and brutal regime of Apartheid in South Africa that made being a drag queen illegal? A bittersweet letter is written by a 58-year-old Cape Coloured drag queen, Sandra Dee to her best friend, Samantha Fox celebrating their complicated 30-year friendship. The letter takes us on a funny and poignant journey through their shared memories, Sandra Dee reminisces about their struggle to survive the Apartheid regime and the adventures and misfortune that befell them because of their color and their transgender identity. In South Africa up to 1994; it was illegal to be a drag queen or masquerade as the opposite sex. The drag queens live in the shanty town of a Cape Colored

Masquerading To Hell and Back