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HUGO STRANEY Hugo Straney is an internationally renowned entertainer having performed in Great Britain, Ireland, United States and Canada. For the past 30 years he has hosted Canada’s most popular and largest audience for a Celtic radio programme the “Hugo Straney Show” on CHIN FM/AM and web in Toronto. Through his performances at conventions, galas and sports events he has honed his skills both as a comedienne and respected song-man in the style of crooners and R&B artists.

In 2009, Hugo Straney’s dedication to promoting the Irish and Celtic cultures, the community outreach on his radio show and thousands of hours as the voice of the Irish on Sunday morning, he was awarded the Irish Person of the Year. This moment was a highlight for Hugo Straney as the Irish community chose to celebrate his years as a radio host.

Hugo Straney has been honoured to sing the Canadian national anthem at the Toronto Blue Jays game and as well for the book launch of former Prime Minister John Turner. These past few years, Hugo has launched two cds of his favourite songs and highlighted in the book “A Story to be Told” sharing his personal experiences as an immigrant in Canada, a further highlight in 2012 was being featured in an acclaimed documentary film by Eleanor McGrath, “Alive from the Divis Flats”. Hugo contributes to his favourite charities Cystic Fibrosis of Canada, Breast Cancer Awareness and the Canadian Special Olympics through performances at their charity events.

Hugo lives in Toronto with his wife, Gerardine and their grown three sons, daughter-in-law and recent addition of a granddaughter.

The Brothers Hepp are a collective of musicians who have been playing together –in different configurations, with different members and in varying circumstances- for 20 years. Evolving out of a desire to use music to entertain, to inspire and to stir their audiences, the Brothers’ ultimate goal is to connect; connect to the music, connect with each other and connect with every audience member. Surpassing all music traditions and belying all musical categorizations, the Brothers believe there is a universal element in music -a touchstone of joy, sorrow, humour and wonder- that makes us all family, makes us all Brothers.








The operatic Youth Choir hail from Regent Park and St. James Town
under the direction of artistic director and founder of
New Classical Vocal Studies Daniel Eby


6 Bronx Zoo is a collective of Onkwehonwe artists from 6 Nations and surrounding reservations (Dayha, Jimi James, Fresh, Pete Nyce, Teezee). We are reaching out to other artists from other nations because hip hop is a universal culture which is open to all nations. We define 6 Bronx Zoo in the following manner: the “6” is for 6 Nations because that is where we’re from and we are all family. “Bronx” is to pay homage to the borough in New York where hip hop originated in the ‘70s – the South Bronx. “Zoo” is to symbolize the whole world is like a zoo (i.e. natives on reservations, Africans enslaved etc.) until the oppressed nations of the world rise out of colonialism and regain their power and control over their communities. Historically indigenous people in Canada had to get permission to leave their “zoo” (reservation) from a white Indian agent. 6 Bronx Zoo is not holding back, we are here to speak the truth of indigenous colonization and resistance.